Dr. Vani Srinivas

Dr.Vani Srinivas MBBS MD FAN( Fellowship in Applied Nutrition) is a medical Doctor, done her post-graduation in Biochemistry, and later has done Fellowship in Applied nutrition at Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad, Certified Degree of Human Applied Nutrition- Cambridge, UK.

Being a Medical Doctor, as well as a clinical nutritionist Dr.Vani mostly specializes in treating patients with food. Alterations and slight adjustments in daily food habits, as well as lifestyle, helps in treating patients and prevent them from further complications.

She offers customized diet charts for each and every individual depending upon their medical condition, age, sex, height, weight, race, etc..

Dr. Vani Srinivas is one of the very few Doctors who has pursued a clinical nutrition course. Being a Doctor as well as Nutritionists has an added advantage to understand their exact clinical condition and their internal body chemistry and prepare a customized diet chart according to their medical needs and body functions.

Dr. Vani has nearly 12 years of experience in her medical profession, and after that understanding her own passion and a keen interest in Food and Nutrition, she has done her fellowship in applied nutrition and is currently practicing as a clinical nutritionist since last 2 years. Though fewer years of experience, her post-graduate degree in biochemistry helped her in understanding the basics of nutrition better, and the chemistry of the food we eat (carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, and minerals) is well known to her. Her educational background helped her in practicing as a nutritionist with ease and helping many people to improve their lives.

She is a full-time consultant at Astra healthcare Private Limited, located at Manikonda, Hyderabad. Dr.Vani writes articles in a Health and Nutrition based Magazine – B-Positive magazine, which is a monthly magazine.

She even has to her credit a book named “ SUGAR- A mysterious addiction” published in the year 2015. The book unveils the dangerous effects of all the added sugary foods and their role in the deadly now- communicable diseases like obesity, hypertension, PCOD, Diabetes, and Cancer and she also has a Blog where she keeps updating on trending news about Healthcare https://drvanisrinivas.blogspot.com/

Astra Healthcare is a comprehensive modern healthcare unit located in Manikonda, which includes clinics, diagnostics, and pharmacy. It is well equipped with all modern, automated laboratory equipment in which they do all the required laboratory investigations at their own place.

The polyclinic facility helps the patients to find their required medical consultants in one place depending on their clinical condition if needed other than nutritional advice.

Academic Experirnce

MBBS – Kakatiya medical college, Warangal.

MD – Gandhi medical college, Hyderabad.

FAN – Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad.

Certified in Human Applied Nutrition – Cambridge, UK.