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Right from testing your blood samples to organising medical tourism, you can rely on Astra Healthcare for all your medical diagnoses and treatments. 

What We Offer


At Astra Healthcare, there is always a doctor present to see you. Our Physicians are trained to see a variety of patients, whether young or old. Set appointments as per your convenience and we will take care.


Astra Diagnostics can help with services ranging from a specific health checkup to a complete body checkup. All the diagnoses are carried out in sophisticated labs producing authentic reports.


Sometimes, it is not possible to travel to the clinic or hospital. Our home visit plans are the perfect solution for such situations making your health care completely comfortable.


Astra Pharmacy aims to change the way you interact with your neighborhood chemist by offering additional services. Along with stocking over 8,000 different medicines, Astra Pharmacy is a one stop shop for all your Medical, dietary, personal, and baby needs.

Wellness Center

We have a wellness centre where our nutritionist takes care of your diet plans and workouts. This process is completely personalized to ensure you lead a improved quality life.

Other Services

Many assume that when the needs of an aging adult reach a certain point, their options for care are limited to a care facility. But, we are here to provide all range of services at your comfort.

Keep yourself Healthy and Fit With Right Tips.

"We Provide you Good Quality Service, Give you more time to spend your fit and healthy life"

When you know what you are suffering from, it is easy for a doctor to treat you. Never compromise on your diagnostic labs & testing!

Vani Srinivas

Dr. Vani Srinivas

We are here to serve you in the best ways we can by:


If you have diagnosed the disease, then you have won 30% of the battle. Keeping all the facts, complexities and significance of testing in mind, we have developed Astra Healthcare to produce results authentically, meeting all the standards and following best laboratory practices


A test report is as important as its delivery time. We know the eagerness of a patient and his family to know what the report says. We, at Astra healthcare, provide authentic reports at a quick turnaround time. We ensure to handle the unnecessary delays by all our means.


Year Experienced


Falling sick sometimes is beyond your control but what is control is right diagnosis! And we do it for you at Astra Healthcare


Professional Staff




Doctor Specialist


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Find The Right Medication for you

Getting an accurate diagnosis can be one of the most impactful experiences that you can have — especially if you’ve been in search of that answer for a while. We can help you get there.

Our Happy Clients

We have served many patients by conducting multiple health checkups and jotting a proper treatment plan. 

Medesun Medical Coding

Best doctors, Good ambiance, Very Co-Operative staff

Sunil Kumar Sirikonda

Astra Diagnostic Center is the popular health clinic in the city. Various health checkup is available here such as blood sugar, kidney profile check, creatinine and much more. This is the best.

Mahendra challa

Astra Diagnostic Center is one of the best Diagnostic Center in the city with great customer satisfaction at a affordable price. All types of health check-up is available here. Staffs are too good.

Raghavendra Challa

Astra Diagnostic Center is the best for any type of health check up. Here any type of blood sugar testing is available in affordable rate. All staff is nice.

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