Astra Pharmacy aims to change the way you interact with your neighborhood chemist. Started by an enthusiastic team of professionals, we realized that there was scope to improve on the current model of pharmacies by offering additional services and professionalism to benefit the customer experience. Along with stocking over 8,000 different medicines, we want to make Astra Pharmacy a one stop shop for all your Medical, dietary, personal, and baby needs.

We noticed that in today?s fast-paced world, people frequently forget to order their medicines, often having to miss a dose in process. This gave birth to the idea of our Intelligent Subscription Service, which removes the hassles of dealing with your local chemist. Our free service will add your personal and medical details to our confidential database, and provide you with monthly or fortnightly delivery of all your household medicinal needs – without ever having to call us.

It is our promise to provide you with genuine products and a no questions asked return policy, no matter where you are situated in Hyderabad.

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