What We Offer

At Astra Healthcare, we offer medical assistance services to ensure holistic well-being of our patients.

Generic Medicine

We offer the right prescriptions based on the diagnosis and your health condition. We ensure to take care of side-effects of all the prescribed medicine.

Medical Check-up

We have best-in-class doctors who are available for your regular medical check-up. They ensure to conduct right diagnosis at right time.


Be it for a toddler or covid vaccination, we are here to provide vaccination. We educate and ensure proper care during and after vaccination for best results.

Beauty & Skin Care

Looks always bring more confidence and what's better than getting a consultation from best dermatologist in the city?

Doctor Consultation

Whether you have a fever or unrecognised health condition, our doctors consult in the best possible way to get you treated asap.


From blood test to ultrasound, we have all the equipments to produce your body test results for you.

Find The Right Medication for you

Getting an accurate diagnosis is one of the most impactful experiences! A right diagnosis at right time can save your life. It is no less than earning a new life for yourself. Here is how we achieve it

What Our Customer Say

Hear from our best clients: 

Two Reasons why you should visit us


Right from doctor consultation to starting treatment, we are authentic in our performance. Nothing is more important than patient's health to us. Hence, we follow all the standards to ensure top quality care.


Whether it's a good news or bad news, we always maintain transparency in our communication. We ensure that you know what is happening in your body and how it can be healed.