Astra healthcare is a comprehensive healthcare provider focused on primary and multi-specialty healthcare services to the community. It plays an integral role in promoting a healthy lifestyle within the community and empowering families with the knowledge of common health issues, care and treatment options.


Happier Future
Unparalleled Experience


Efficient Environment

Core Values

Quality Service
Caring for our Patients
Eivdence based Medicine

Our Quality Priorities

Safety: Providing a safe and secure environment for our patients, their families and all staff

Professionalism: Doing job to the best of our ability and doing our best as a team

Respect: Valuing the dignity, privacy, needs and contributions of all we work with and serve.

Experience: Putting ourselves in the shoes of those we serve and work with to consistently deliver the best possible experience

Efficiency: Making full use of resources to improve processes and outcomes


Focus: Our main focus is to provide a comprehensive healthcare solution to all our patients

Team: the continuous effort of our excellent, hard working and passionate and highly qualified and experienced team enables us to endeavor the best and world class facilities

Quality: we maintain and run our organization according to the quality norms and standards and regular monitoring is done by the quality team in every step of our services

Goal: To achieve and strive our level best in making quality health care services reachable and available at an affordable price to all the people